Every season Ubisoft makes changes to some operators. As Blood Orchid brought 3 new operators (Ying, Lesion and Ela) the game meta has shifted a bit and some balancing changes are required. This season focus is on Kapkan, Blitz and Ela.

Ubisoft po običaju usred sezone radi preinake na operatorima. Dolaskom 3 nova operatora (Ying, Lesion i Ela) meta se promijenila, a community traži neke promjene. Ove sezone, fokus je na Kapkanu, Blitzu i Eli.


Kapkan is getting the biggest rework! His traps will no longer be lethal but will instead do 60 damage on detonation. His Improvised Entry Denial Devices will be harder to recognize because of dimmer laser light. Attackers will have to be more cautious and rushing will be even more ineffective against trap operators on defence. Kapkan will carry 5 traps and he became a 2-speed operator.

Will these changes have impact on the current meta? Can we expect Kapkan in Pro or Challenger league? We are yet to see how will the Rainbow Six community embrace these changes.



Blitz is a rare operator pick in competitive Rainbow Six. Shield operators are out of game meta, and Blitz does not have enough firepower to fight against defending operators. His P12 pistol has pretty low damage and player needs to rely on getting headshots with fast reactions while aiming down sights and exposing his head to the enemy. Another problem Blitz had is that he makes a lot of noise and exposes a lot of his body while sprinting with shield in hand. In this update, Blitz will be able to sprint with his shield facing front. While sprinting, Blitz will have his head and most of his body covered by shield, only legs will be exposed. With this change, Blitz can be played more aggressively and can chase defenders without worrying that a random bullet will end in his head.



The new Polish operators was quickly accepted by players and Ela became one of the top defender picks in Pro League. Ela was a strong operator and some changes were needed. In this update, Ela will gain a nerf on her EVO submachine gun. EVOs’ recoil was easy to control and with 50 bullets in magazine, Ela could win most of the fights and lock down enemies and that was too much of a firepower advantage. Now EVO will have harder recoil to control and players will have to rely more on burst fire as full auto will be hard to control. Along with EVO changes, Ela will lose one of her Grzmot mines that might change the roaming playstyle of Ela.


New elite skin!

Jager finally gets long awaited elite skin! “The Flying Ace Elite Set” will bring 20th century pilot inspired uniform with new MVP animation and weapon skin set.


Network changes:

  • Latency alignment – servers will have better calculations of shots landed by a high ping shooter
  • Hit validation optimization
  • Processing ping will be removed from scoreboard
  • Network icons that provide feedback of your network status





Full list of changes and bug fixes is available on offical Ubisoft site!