After Operaion Health, huge Y2S3 update is bringing us Operation: Blood Orchid. Server upgrades along with many game changes are coming out, new map called Theme Park and 3 new operators. Let’s see what awaits us.

New operators

Ying – Hong Kong –  SDU (ATK)

Ying is 2speed/2armor attacking operator armed with cluster flashbangs that can be detonated in more ways. Cluster grenade can be thrown like any other grenade or you can set up a timer and lay it on the ground – “Candela” grenade will follow walls and drone holes and after timer runs out, detonates a cluster of flashbangs. Or you can use Candela the same way Fuze uses his Matryoshka – place it on a breachable wall and unleash flashbangs on the other side.


For her primary weapon, Ying can choose between T-95 LSW, light machine gun with 81 bullets drum mag or SIX12 shotgun. For a secondary weapon, Ying has Q-929, semi automatic pistol with 11 bullets. From extra gadgets, Ying can choose between Claymore and smoke grenades


Lesion – Hong Kong – SDU (ATK)

Lesion is 2speed/2armor defensive operator from Hong Kong SDU (Special Duties Unit). His unique ability are “Gu” mines which are generated every 35 seconds. Lesions sets his mines on the floor where they become almost invisible, like Echos Yokai drone. If an attacking operator steps on a mine, he immediately loses 10 HP and starts losing health overtime. Affected attacker also cannot sprint unless he removes the posion needle out of his/her leg.

Lesion can choose between T-5 SMG and SIX12 shotgun for primary weapon. Unlike Ying, Lesion has silencer on his shotgun. Secondary weapon is Q-929, 11 bullet semi-auto pistol. Impact grenades and deployable shield are his additional gadgets


Ela – Poland – GROM (DEF)

Ela is 3speed/1armor defensive operator from Polish GROM CTU.

Ela je 3speed/1armor defenzivni operater iz poljskog GROM-a. Her main gadget are “Grzmot” (polish for Thunder) mines that can be thrown and stickied to any surface. It is a proximity mine and when detonated, gives same stunning and disorienting effect that Yokai produces. If Ela gets downed (DBNO – Down But Not Out), she can detonated additional Grzmot mine hoping she can stun the attacker while her teammates come to help.

For primary weapon, Ela can choose between Scortpion EVO 3 A1 machine gun with 50 bullets or FO-12 shotgun. Her secondary weapon is unique because it is the only pistol with implemented red dot sight. As additional gadgets, Ela can choose between barbed wire and impact grenades


New map – Theme Park

New map is a theme park located in Hong Kong.

Building itself has ground floor and first floor with vast number of rooms that have breakable wooden floors. In the middle of the map, there is a huge open trainyard area cutting the map in two. On the outside, attackers can choose to spawn on 3 points. Outside area is big and attackers need to watch out for many spawnpeeking spots.

Nova mapa je tematski park smješten u Hong Kongu.


End of Operation Health

Blood Orchid update is culmination of Operation Health. All major changes are coming with this patch. We are getting upgraded servers which are supposed to remove problems connected to game stability, FPS issues and rubberbanding of players. We are also getting a new physics system.

Lightning system got a complete rework and now watching from outside towards inside (and vice cersa) will be easier and won’t burn your eyes.


No more dark void while looking inside a room 

Over 1300 bug fixes are ready! Here are one of the most noted:

  • New smoke grenade animation. Smoke is consistent and thick
  • Removal of ACOG from all 2 and 3 speed defensive operators
  • Redesign of bullet impact system. Damage done by bullets will be depending on distance
  • Ammo balance – 20 weapons will get more magazines (OTs-03, P90, SMG-11, CAMRS, MK17, C8, 556, 517, AR33…)
  • Attackers can have 2 drones at the same time
  • First Person Camera will be placed better on operator models
  • Client-side debris is removed
  • Crosshair will not become red when hovering over an enemy
  • You can ID enemies only if you successfully scan them
  • Camera priority for alive players
  • Map pools for ranked and casual
  • Barbed wire will take 2 hits to destroy
  • Jackals Hunter Mark will track an enemy every 5 seconds (5 times)
  • Bandit can destroy X-Kairos pellets while they are detonating. Also, he can “one-hit” drones with shock wire
  • IQ Buff – IQ can’t see friendly gadgets anymore. Now she can also spot enemies who are using their cameras over the smartphone
  • Sledgehammer is more consistent

Complete (and very long) list of fixes is available on offical website

Tachanka can’t wait to play next patch. How about you?