Vacecup tournaments are back and this season, teams will collect points in 3 cups. At the end of the season, best teams will be rewarded.

Vacemedia together with UbisoftDE are organising second season which will round up european Rainbow Six: Siege teams. One season consists of three monthly tournaments where teams collect points based on their position. Last saturday we saw 23 teams in really good and fun matches.

With 23 teams there was no possibility to create a proper bracket so few teams gained a free pass in first round of the tournament like myRisk, BUTEO Esports, Room Factory, EnergyWAVE, Cognate eSports, Comeback i Katsuyo.

Most of first round matches were onesided stomps with 5-0 and 5-1 scores. Only exception was match between teams  Lorem Ipsum 3.0 and Raptors R6 which ended with 6-4 in favour of  Raptors. 2 teams represented Adria region: Braća Bez Gaća who lost their match in first round and Trokut who passed to round #2 beating Mister-Gaming Community with 5-1 score.

Second round saw more interesting matches like clash between BUTEO Esports and Apex eSports which ended with 5-3 score in favour of Apex. BLUEJAYS managed to beat team Comeback in overtime with 6-4 score while Trokut lost 5-1 against Cognate on Border

Quarter-finals had 2 very intense matches and other 2 were completely onesided stomps with 5-0 score.

Raptors R6 5 – 0 Trappex Sports
BLUEJAYS 5 – 6 Cognate eSports
energy-WAVE 0 – 5 Room Factory
Apex eSports 6 – 4 myRisk

Semi-finals wasn’t as intense as some previous matches as both games ended with 5-0 scores.

Raptors R6 0 – 5 Cognate eSports
Room Factory 5 – 0 Apex eSports

In a fight for 3rd place, Apex beat Raptors 2-0 in maps. The grand finals showed us a great match between Cognate eSports and Room Factory which ended 2-0 in favour of Room Factory.


Room Factory entered this tournament as main favourites and with their games, they confirmed that status.

Winner lineup:

  •  Shockwave
  •  Shepard
  •  Magic
  •  Redgroove
  •  Murlon

Here is the VOD of the grand finals!

Next Vacecup is scheduled for 23rd of September, and singups are open on this link!

Full standings table is available on this link.