Last vaceCup of this season was played on Saturday, 14th of October. 22 teams showed up and 12 best teams throughout whole season will fight in the final cup of the season for a prize pool over 300€.

Round one

Proper bracket could not be generated because of 22 teams so some of the lucky teams got a free pass to the next round. Among them were: Trappex Sports, myRisk e.V., ENJOY Gaming e.V, SynergyTR E-Sport, vaceGaming, Trenkovi Panduri, Moti on Gaming, Raptors, Quantra and BUTEO. First round saw 6 matches:

Comeback 5 – 1 Pink Flamingo
Reflame eSports 5 – 1 Die Hoffnungslosen 5
Das Benzin Diesel 6 – 4 NxN
ClockWork eSports 5 – 1 First Round Out
Obliter8 eSports 5 – 2 Trokut
ODA GAMING 5 – 3 HelmOfAwe

We bid farewell to two Adria teams – Trokut and HelmOfAwe. Match between Trokut and Obliter8 was streamed on our r6adria twitch channel while ODA vs HelmOfAwe match was streamed on Mattycasts channel.

Round two

Round two went by pretty fast and without any surprised. The most intense match was between Obliter8 and Quantra eSports. Quantra managed to win this match in overtime with score 6-4. Match was played on “Bank” and was streamed on r6adria stream. Other results from round two:

Trappex eSports 1 – 5 myRisk e.V
ENJOY Gaming e.V. 2 – 5 Comeback
Reflame eSports 5 – 0 SynergyTR E-sport
Das Benzin Diesel 0 – 5 vaceGaming
Trenkovi Panduri 1 – 5 ClockWork eSports
Moti on Gaming 5 – 1 Raptors R6
Obliter8 eSports 4 – 6 Quantra eSports
BUTEO eSports 5 – 2 ODA GAMING

Round three

In quarter finals we saw 4 great matches. Reflame took an easy win against vaceGaming with score of 5-1. Both MyRiskComeback and ClockWorkMoti on gaming went into overtime. Results:

myRisk e.V. 6 – 5 Comeback
Reflame eSports 5 – 1 vaceGaming
ClockWork eSports 4 – 6 Moti on Gaming
Quantra eSports 5 – 3 BUTEO eSports


First semifinal match was streamed on our r6adria twitch channel where Reflame took a close victory against myRisk on Chalet. Other semifinal match we saw Quantra beating Moti on gaming with 5-0.

myRisk e.V. 5 – 6 Reflame eSports
Moti on Gaming 0 – 5 Quantra eSports


Finally, the grandfinals. It was a match between Reflame and Quantra eSports played in Best of 3 format. Skyscraper was chosen as the first map, Oregon as second and Border was picked up decider map. We saw a quick and pretty much onesided final where Reflame took the victory with 5-0 and 5-1. Video of the match is available below:

Congratulations Reflame eSports! (lineup formerly known as Cognate eSports):

  •   Sneaky
  •   Sylar
  •   Draven
  •   Neroe
  •   Dan
  •   Cam
  •   m1lon

Shoutout to Adria teams: Trokut, Trenkovi Panduri, HelmOfAwe. These guys gathered and decided to support vaceCup. We are hoping these teams will continue playing together on similar cups.
Final cup of current vaceCup season will be played during November. Here is a list of invited teams:

Reflame eSports
BUTEO eSports
Room Factory
Quantra eSports
Moti on Gaming
APEX eSports
myRisk e.V.
Raptors R6

Das Benzin Diesel and Trappex eSports will face in a playoff match. Winner will take the last spot to final cup. These 12 teams will fight for a prize pool over 300€.
Complete vaceCup score table is available on THIS LINK.